Magdalena Ziembowska, Civil (in)attention

master beeldende kunsten
grafisch ontwerp
Mentoren / Mentors:
Sofie Vandamme
Elsje Dezwarte
Tim Van den Abeele

I created a series of monster/animal faces that stare right at the viewer. This is my interpretation of the situation that women are experiencing very frequently: being stared at in the streets. My drawings are an act of reclaiming the public space and leaving a part of me — my drawings, that are vulnerable and raw. What is interesting with simple papers glued on the wall outside is the confrontation with the time and the reality of the environment. The artwork becomes precarious, there is a time limit before it completely degrades and disappears, which makes the intensity of the moment a passerby shares with the artwork. The memories create eternity not the object, not the product, not the drawing. By not giving any kind of explanation or context next to the drawings, this project becomes an anonymous and random parasite in a public space, that slowly degrades and disappears, leaving behind pieces that are even harder to identify with time. Everyone who sees the artwork interacts and creates tension with it, voluntarily or not. This also gives an opportunity for anyone to make an intervention and potentially alter, damage or completely destroy the artwork.