Luzia Johow, Droomadom

master audiovisuele kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Jen Debauche
Godard Bakkers
Fairuz Ghammam

space dissolves until we wonder if there is such thing as space at all

after a few weeks on the train we wonder if our coordinate system refers to something real or if it’s just a self-referential construct.. some desperate attempt to make space become consistent and real.

we are in a non-place
we could as well be dreaming

we wonder where we came from. we wonder if we existed before this very moment. there’s no proof of it, there’s no memories of a past.
it feels if there was infinite time on this trip. we will not arrive somewhere.

we ask each other if there is anyone conducting this train. is there a need for someone to conduct this train? it really doesn’t go anywhere. that’s not for sure, though. what’s for sure is, that it doesn’t bring us anywhere.

if there was an outsider to look at this place, they would tell us about infinity and we would lose our reason for home
it here was an outsider to look at this place, they would probably tell us there is no such thing as a continuity in time