Lukas Denorme, Utopian Kuurne

bachelor digital design and development

This project explores the possibilities of Mixed Reality. This is a concept in which the real world is mixed with the digital world. This opens up a lot of opportunities and gives a unique experience to the player.

Our game is played using a controller that everyone is familiar with: your own body. You have been using your body since the day you were born, so why not use it as an in-game controller? We made this possible by using a technology called motion tracking together with the Kinect.

The game will undoubtedly provide you with a good time! Choose a character and immerse yourself in the digital world. Try and dodge all the objects that are coming at you! Jump, duck or move to the side and watch your in-game character follow every movement you make.

Try beating other people’s time or play against each other in teams!
Have fun, but watch out, because when all your lives are gone, it’s game over!