Luka Ver Elst, working title: downstream

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Alex Reynolds
Wannes Gyselinck

For five weeks I followed a river from (one of its) sources to mouthing. 

Through walking, breathing, listening, sensing, swimming and voicing I tried to attune myself to the water and the nonhuman species present. Bewildered I navigated through entangled relations between bodies, technologies and environments.

In this performance I searched for ways to translate sounds and memories of the walk. The viewer enters the space and encounters a listener who uses her voice as an interface between the natural world and the art space. Voice is a medium to relate to these worlds, to arouse a sensuous being within, share stories of the landscape and play with the tension between human and nonhuman language. 

I enter a state of deep listening by attending and attuning, let the sonic experience flow through my body into another space, forming response or resonance. I try to be in dialogue, through movement, gesture, sound, language with the dynamics of the river, to reveal what is moving and living by the water.