Lucrecia Wang Jaramago, Stories

bachelor interieurvormgeving via afstandsonderwijs
Mentoren / Mentors:
Danny Venlet

We live in a world where people are not a nationality, a race or, the traditions of a given country and culture.
We live in a world in which we realise that we are born from our connections with the world outside ourselves, and people’s roots are no longer attached to a piece of land, but instead, to the meaningful bonds they have with others, with nature, with art…
These roots might not be as deep as those bound to the ground, but they are richer and ran much farther.
We live in a world in which such connections have been restored, where products and materials stay in use, and rewards are fairly shared, because we understand the real “price” of things (not just economical, but also emotional, ecological, social…).

Story telling has always been the best way of connecting.
I wanted to create a place where we can sit down, talk face to face and share our stories.