Lucrecia Wang, Test

master beeldende kunsten
autonome vormgeving
Mentoren / Mentors:
Peter Westenberg
Judith Wambacq


It is about time you suspend your disbelief.

This project is an ongoing research on time and the parasite Tempus Devorantis, triggered by my personal loss of the ability to care for others as a nurse, and based on the book ‘The Rise of Chronomania: A Historical Treatise on the Influence of Time on Human Civilization,’ by Lucy Winter-Jones.

For this exhibition, Lucy and I, would like to invite you to our tiny research bureau, where we look for ways to manipulate time, reclaim it, and fight against the time eating parasite Tempus Devorantis. You will be able to see first hand some of our results as well as listening to the story of our joint venture.

For now, it is about time we finish this text with a reminder: we run as mouses in a wheel. Stop the wheel, you are here and now. Use your time wisely in idle conversations, in growing as a person, in making memories that can feed your soul in the years to come.