Lucas Verhoest, Bubblÿ

bachelor digital design and development

Our lives were completely turned upside down in 2020 as a result of the pandemic, bringing serious consequences. Students were forced to take online classes and suddenly lost all social contact, causing many young people to face problems they had never experienced before that took a heavy toll on their mental health. Suddenly, a large part of this group no longer has any structure in their lives, feel lonely, have stress or anxiety, deal with unknown emotions, etc… But even before Covid, 1 out of 5 young people were already struggling with their mental health.

That’s why I decided to create bubblÿ: a virtual friend that will help you face these issues together. Vent your emotions, understand them, change how you feel. And when it doesn’t work for a while he will give you that little push when you need it. The application is full of features trying to tackle the most common issues during Covid. One of my main focuses of this project was the tone of voice. I wanted to bring back some joy, fighting a serious theme with some humor but also kindness and empathy. We’re going through this together each with our own struggles and I really think this platform could make a change.