Lucas Dewulf, Attention pit / Behind Instagram

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Social media has become prevalent in our modern life. It’s part of our entertainment and part of our professional endeavours. All these added values  come at a cost. No longer do we pay the services with our money. Instead we trade our time and information.

Lucas Dewulf explores these concepts in 2 projects

Attention pit

When we scroll on Instagram we get an endless feed of nice photographs and mildly entertaining videos. The platform itself is wat keeps you hooked. The UI and UX designed for and uninterrupted experience.

Lucas Dewulf creates gifs that break this cycle. By distorting old family photos with the interface of Instagram. He tries to break the users endless flow.

       What is happening, is Instagram broken?

Social platforms are designed to be invisible and to promote constant use. After all they need you to see their ads.


Behind Instagram

Most remember the early ages of the internet. Webpages Littered with ads blasting music trough your speakers and popups downlading viruses on your machine. This era of advertising has gone, largely because it didn’t work. Instead we have “personalized ads”. Large corporations collect your data so they can serve you “interesting and useful advertising”. Sounds all good and dandy. But all this information gathered for your convenience could be used against you.

In the back of our heads we’re aware of these practises but maybe less so of it’s consequences.

In his second project Lucas Dewulf explores what’s behind the design of Instagram. What Information does it collect and how can it affect the physical world.



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