Louisiana Mees, WAITHOOD

master audiovisuele kunsten - film

If youth is the season of hope, it is often so only in the sense that our elders are hopeful about us. And each crisis seems final simply because it’s new. – George Eliot

Athens 2018.  44% of youth is unemployed.

Five, young, non-actors are ‘waiting’ for their ‘adulthood’. They play their own lives yet are captured in a fictional plot. Together they yearn to forget their idle futures while playing in luxurious airbnb’s. High on rooftops of different penthouses they look at the skyline of their city and dream about other worlds where things could be different.



Jacques Simha

Viky Maidanoglou

Christos Kavallaris

Yannis Sanidas

Maro Prasino


screenplay / cinemathography :

Louisiana Mees

1ste assistant director / 1ste-camera-assistant :

Georgina Kapralou

production coordinator :

Philip Heremans

Setdressing / Costume designer :

Sofia Vaso

Driver / runner :

Andreas Koufopoulos

Editing :

Louisiana Mees

Editing Advice:

Elias Grootaers

Fairuz Ghammam

Foley :

Pierre van Caloen

Sound Editing :

Pieter Dumoulin

Sound mix :

Michel Coquette

music :

Pou – Dimonis. Mini LP, 2017.


Lennert De Taeye

translation :

Jason Karagiannidis

Jonas Vanderschueren



Mentoren / Mentors
Grootaers Elias
Huvenne Martine
D'haeyere Hilde