Louise Dhondt, Collect to connect

master beeldende kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Laure Van Brempt
Saskia Westerduin

‘Collect to connect’ gaat over het verbinden van verschillende substanties met textiel. Ik gebruik het als het buigbare en verbindende element. Met als uitkomst statische en dynamische constructies getekend door lijnen en vlakken, vouwen en plooien. De objecten kunnen navigeren in een ruimte en naargelang jouw verbeelding en noden een andere rol aannemen.

‘Collect to connect’ is about the connection of different substances with textile. I use it as the pliable and adaptive element. Resulting in static and dynamic constructions drawn by lines and planes, folds and creases. The objects can navigate in a space and according to your imagination and needs take on a different role.

This project started with my fascination to use textile as the connecting element of hard materials. This gives the textile different properties. It becomes three-dimensional and can stand on its own. For example, it appears very static, but can be folded and pleated thanks to the built up rhythms. This system is compact and mobile, and manifests itself in woven structures, but also in knitted pouches. 'The pocket idea' is a modular play between the textile, the filling materials and the user. A different filling equals a different function. For example: if you fill it with cardboard sheets, then thanks to the tension between the textile and the material, it can stand on its own and you create a space divider. If you fill it with cushions it can function as a mattress or when rolled up it can function as a seating element. If left unfilled it can be used as a plaid. Thanks to its changeability it is able to adapt to the environment, the needs and the imagination of the user.

Form and use-study prototype ‘pocket idea’.