Liselotte Courtens, ARVIK

postgraduaat digital storytelling
ARVIK uses an AR lens to simulate colour-blindness on skintones. It offers a unique opportunity to recognize and appreciate the diversity of experiences and perspectives that people have, including how they perceive and experience colors. By altering the hues of skintones to simulate protanopia, the lens allows users to experience what it might be like to see the world through the eyes of someone else. This highlights the importance of understanding and acknowledging these differences and the value of promoting inclusivity and accuracy in our language and descriptions.
The project shows the power of technology in promoting empathy, understanding, and inclusivity. By using technology to simulate different experiences and perspectives, we can gain a deeper understanding or just establish that the world has far more skintones than some of us thought there were.
This AR lens is build on the color vision of Vik. It is unique, as everyones perception of the world is.