Léonard Dufois, Presse-ballon, a publishing house studying electronic/music through visual culture

master beeldende kunsten
grafisch ontwerp
Mentoren / Mentors:
Koen Galle
Jurgen Maelfeyt


The name ‘Presse-ballon’ suggests a balloon as a cartoonish representation of a party as the focus of this project is on investigating dance floors, music genres, and rave scenes through their visual heritages. This remixed word alludes to ‘presse’ as ‘presser’ in French (squeeze) when it also evokes its publishing sense (press), till it forms this still unknown object in the manner of a ‘presse-citron’ (a lemon squeezer): a ‘presse-ballon’.

In 2023, Presse-ballon will offer a series of unconventional publications. Some will retrace conversations with artists and designers who have largely participated in the Belgian nightlife history from the 70s until today, and others will oddly invite ravers to improve their coloring skills through the Rave Coloring Pack series, which is based on gathering logo labels from specific genres, eras, and spaces, to be collectively colored.

The entire project is driven by a persistent questioning of sampling and ‘deejayistic’ methods in the arts. It counts two official releases, and so much more incoming. Presse-ballon began as Léonard’s master’s project, but it is intended to be continued and extended in the future, thereby creating a link between studies and the outside world.


Bellow a catalog of released publications as well as other ongoing projects by Presse-ballon.