Leif Houllevigue, Capharnaüm, Village of Consolation

master beeldende kunsten

Capharnaüm, Village of consolation is a an emotional work that is personnally situated. As Nan Goldin would say, « my work comes from empathy and love ».
Lovers, friends, familly, surroundings, interiors and objects overwhelmed by everything.
Not a research but a portrait of the anxiety of existence and loneliness.
To experience through the personal and intimate, sometimes the banal, the contradictions and absurdities of a place, a situation, from a generation and an era.
« Under the wieght of the yellow lights, it feels like to be in a movie where the character is trapped in an overwhelming set of situations. Looking out the window, the boulevard, the exit or the entrance door. It is a capharnaüm, screams, siren car, vibrations. A working class district, noisy and supportive. The frozen land, the nose dripping…nose diving, sticking your head out of the window. The rain, an industrial wasteland, the smell of sausages at the christmas market, the smell of wood fire, a forest, a kiss. Dinner in the company of a wall. More and more bricks, rubble, stains and stones face to face with concrete. Overwhelmed by all these details. »