Laura Baetens, long live laura

postgraduaat digital storytelling

After graduating, Laura Baetens will have 3 diplomas and no clue what she wants to do in life. This lack of a life purpose remains a frustration that she’s been facing throughout her whole life.

To help her find an answer, she turned to YouTube where she found self-development channels like Lavendaire, Matt D’Avella, and others. They are a voice for people who want to get to know themselves better, the perfect place for Laura to start her quest.
However, these people all seem to have found what they want to do in life and Laura didn’t see her own struggles represented.

This is the reason why she combined this frustration with her fascination for anything visual and started her own YouTube channel: Long Live Laura.
On this platform, the main message is ‘It’s okay if you don’t know what you’re doing in life, as long as you’re growing’, aimed at youngsters who feel lost and confused.

Laura invites you on a journey to relax, reflect and reconnect, to grow together.