Een mogelijk toekomstbeeld voor de omgeving van Kasteel Berentrode te Bonheiden

Laura Adams, Erfgoedbeheerplan Bruine Beekvallei

bachelor na bachelor landschapsontwikkeling

During my internship, I worked on several projects in different services, like spatial planning and heritage. Since 2018, heritage is working on a management plan for a protected landscape in the village ‘Bonheiden’. This landscape is called ‘de Bruine Beekvallei’, named after the stream ‘Bruine Beek’ that flows through the area. The landscape is known for its little parcels contoured by green elements, rows of trees along the roads and its interesting historical buildings. The management plan will protect and strengthen this landscape and heritage in a sustainable way for many years into the future. This plan will be formalized by the different organisations in the region, like the town, nature-organisations, farmers and landowners, but also youth-groups, the community, riding schools, tourists, …

By respecting the wishes of the different organisations, a vision for the region is formed. The picture shows a vision for the region around ‘Kasteel Berentrode’, the oldest castle of the town, at the meeting of four roads. Desirable actions here are the return of an orchard, more ecological corridors within the farming fields and more natural and valuable grass fields. The visualisation of the vision is important to show the opportunities of the region, and is a very important tool for a landscape developer.


I want to thank my mentor within my internship at IGEMO, Michael Van Craen, for your honest opinions and some tips and tricks.

Mentoren / Mentors
Van Damme Sylvie
Joye Ruben