Larissa El Hajj, Unlucky || Lucky Survivors

postgraduaat digital storytelling
Mentoren / Mentors:
Pieter Blomme

My project is a testimony of Four survivors of the Forth of August explosion in Beirut. They are linked not only by the fact that all of them lived in the same building or even in the same Appartement but also left their country, their home, Lebanon after surviving this tragic event.

In this documentary, we will see how painful it is to leave your country, How PTSD is now part of me and my friends even if we are not always aware of its existence, it is now a big part of our personal story.

The most interesting fact in this documentary is that it’s kind of an experiment.
I am the director, but I will shift to become the person who will be interviewed, and it’s the same with the cinematographer and the sound engineer.
We are the TEAM but we are also the survivors.
I will show you a glimpse of our War History, but also of our very happy memories in and of a country that had lost its essence, leaving our hopes shattered and dreams forgotten.
“Lucky or unlucky survivors” is what today represents us the most.
For sure we are more than lucky to survive 2750 Tonnes of ammonium nitrate that exploded and destroyed our capital, but at the same time, we lost our hopes and a big part of our soul.
And I truly believe some of us are still mentally and emotionally processing or trying to process what happened.