Lara Decrae, The Extra Digital

postgraduaat digital storytelling
Mentoren / Mentors:
Bart Haegens

‘The Extra Digital’ is a podcast series in which I interview students from both the Postgraduate Digital Storytelling and Digital Content Creation. During this strange year, we have all been forced to become extra digital. But maybe, we could have used this to our advantage, as we might have got more creative within the boundaries of the chaos. That’s why I’m asking the students about the evolution they have been through this past year. What were they doing right before this postgraduate? Have they dealt with a lot of disappointment and disillusion? Did their view on the future change? What kept them going? What helped them to be more creative and did they find new outlets through the postgraduate? As a visual representation of my project, I made an Instagram page with a post per episode featuring the interviewee and a quote of theirs. The intention is to get to know their stories and for their mask to be taken off as they look to the future.

Episode 1 - Yuliia
Episode 2 - Sarah
Episode 3 - Firas