Laima Matuzonytė, Backgrounds & Players

master beeldende kunsten
grafisch ontwerp
Mentoren / Mentors:
Erwin Wittevrongel
Leen Voet

I’m questioning “real”, “fictional” and in-between situations. My work is based on a relationship between drawing and photography. For my drypoint drawings, I collect images while travelling – often to the regions where I can relate, as a Lithuanian, to the history or way of living. Even though I’m looking for connections, the viewer stays as an outsider to the situation in the picture. That is a theatre
like situation.
The curtain series depicts the in-between situations of “nature” and “not nature”. It could be a theatre
curtains hiding something or window curtains as a metaphor of looking very long through the window to the landscape.

PHOSPHOGYPSUM screenprint on textile; 200x300cm; edition of 3; 2021; photo by Hanne Grobet

WOOD BURNING dry point; 28x38cm; edition of 10; 2020

CLOTHES SELLING dry point; 28x38cm; edition of 10; 2021

DOGS dry point; 28x38cm; edition of 10; 2021