Katja Ghyselbrecht, WE LOST DANCING

postgraduaat digital storytelling
Mentoren / Mentors:
Pieter Blomme
Harold Vergucht

We lost dancing
We lost love
We lost hugs
We lost friends
We lost ourselves.

Techno music isn’t just a music genre, it’s a community, a family, but most important of all, a safe space. For lots of people these parties are a way to express themselves through clothing, make-up and dancing. They have the power recreate their own image. During this pandemic we lost it all and I also lost a part of myself.

For me, personally, this community has helped me to find myself, my voice, my style but most of all friends that are like family.

That is why I wanted to create a space where I engaged in a conversation with different layers of the industry. I talked with an upcoming producer, THE nightlife photographer and a nightlife fanatic. We talked about things we lost and the things we miss, how the closing of clubs influenced them,… Furthermore, The main focus is the visual part of the project.

Portraits that I took for my website.

I also had the honor to interview Nachtschaduw. He won the Redbull Elektropedia Award for Best Night life photographer three years in a row. We had a 3,5 hour open-hearted conversation where he talked about his +/- 10 years of experience in the nightlife industry.