Kamiel Dockx, Reconstructing the Hauslaib claviorgan

master muziek
Mentoren / Mentors:
Francis Ponseelen
Darryl Martin
Frank Hollinga

Currently I am a 2nd master’s student at the conservatory in Ghent, where I study instrument making. The school focusses on the craftsmanship and making of historical musical instruments, whilst also combining the most modern scientifical, organological and acoustical research technologies. Throughout multiple projects along my study, I decided to mainly focus on the study of historical keyboards (organs and harpsichords). Through these experiences I honed my skills as a researcher.
My current project is to build a hypothetical reconstruction of a Hauslaib claviorgan. Currently, there are only three claviorgans by Hauslaib known of which none are in their original condition. My aim is to combine the original features of these three instruments, filling in any gaps left by conducting organological research on other instruments from the same time and place.