June Rausenberger, An Hommage to Toyota Corolla/CHOOSE YOUR VIEW

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Mentoren / Mentors:
Alexandra Reynolds
Wim De Temmerman

An Hommage to Toyota Corolla


There was this scientific experiment to get closer to white sharks.

By putting a fish hook in your body they saw you as a victim instead of prey.

And to keep them from biting through you had to hold a certain car component.

They find the shape or the taste of it unpleasant I guess.

Then they would swim over you longest on top until only your legs were sticking out of their mouths.

They bit a little, but not hard enough to kill you.

Is this what real love feels like?

Experiment successful.

But this experiment was quickly taken up by teenagers, and then it became an uncanny Internet trend.


That’s how many accidents happened resulting in death.

I would try it too if the ocean wasn’t so terribly far away.



I need a refill for my lashes

I think im gonna have them removed and do a lashlift

That’s more natural


And nature is very in at the moment