High Hi op We Are Open 2017 in Trix.
Lighthousing op We Are Open 2017 in Trix.
School Is Cool in de Ancienne Belgique.
Compact Disk Dummies in Het Depot in Leuven.
Seizoensklanken in Het Depot in Leuven.

Julie Rommelaere, ROOF

postgraduaat digital storytelling

I’ve been experiencing the joy of photography for years. But at Dour Festival last year, I discovered my love for music and concert photography. So I built ROOF, an online music website where you discover new Belgian bands through concert photo’s, but also through interviews on top of remarkable Belgian rooftops. By giving the bands a roof instead of a stage, I support young musicians.

(multimedia project based on photography and video)


My dad for the support and always joining me at interviews and concerts. He is a real music fanatic, so without him I may not have known my interest in music. Thank you, dad!

My mom, my sister and my boyfriend for the endlessly support and telling me when I have to stop working and take a break.

Harold Vergucht for making ROOF more accessible. He is my HTML-hero!

Pieter Blomme for his good advice, his support and his hard work during this postgraduate.

Ruth, you have become a really good friend to me. Thank you for your help during this postgraduate and your support for ROOF.

My cousin Niels Van Espen for his great insights for example in management.



Mentoren / Mentors
Blomme Pieter
Deblauwe Dirk
Vergucht Harold