Julie De Kezel, [lee-po-rel-lo]

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Fia Cielen
Henri Jacobs
Simon Delobel
Anne-Mie Van Kerckhoven


Strapped-on prohibited purposes of liberating librettos, spreading semen from sensually sensitive organ(ism)s. Scissoring obscenities covering unfolding mold.


Slibbery, dripping wet siblings are sleeping in excavated shores, shadowed by x-gendered, flourishing flowers of dusk and musk. Rumbling rumours break the breasted, brown brim.


Leaves left lingering at fluorescent watery, wavy coatings of washed out wax. An expelled pallet of appearing, transparent petals mingled with winged wallowing willow remnants.

But how can a leaf win from a rock?

Allusive alliterations by Koi Persyn on the work of Julie De Kezel

Laparello, 2020

Detail Leporello #1, 2019

Detail Leporello #1, 2019

Side AB, 2020

Side BA, 2020

Detail Graduation project, photo by Jordi Coppers

Detail Graduation project, photo by Jordi Coppers

Lanterns Graduation project, 2020

19.19 collection #3, 2020

Green velour deux piéces, 2020

Bite Me bag, 2020

Spider bag, 2020

Detail Graduation project (with Günbike Erdemir) photo by Jordi Coppers

Detail Graduation project (with Detlef Godzoro Packo) photo by Jordi Coppers

Detail Graduation project (with Anna Laganovska) photo by Jordi Coppers


Locked up but not stored, the culture sector quickly found ways to show work within the fluctuating rules.
Next 3 projects gave me the opportunity to show my work further than my flourishing backyard in Melle.



YouTube Expo #3: Cyber’s handshake

Organised by Jivan Van der Ende



Colouring book in times of corona

Organised by Laurens Mariën


Akademiegalerie Homeoffice

Organised by Peter Kogler