Joshua Serafin, Cosmological Gangbang: Creation Paradigm

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Feiko Beckers

Cosmological Gangbang: Creation Paradigm is a series of work that comes in three iterations. Starting with the 2D works, second the film, and sculptural materials, and third one is to create a live performance.

The impetus of working on ”Cosmological Gangbang“ is to decolonize oneself and to question heteronormative cultural and historical iconographies and ideologies that were implemented by west in the Philippines, but also all colonised nation. Further, to approach the body by using the lens of pre-colonial Philippines ideology on gender fluidity to introduce this queer aspect, and also in relation to other parallel narratives of indigenous spiritual and culture practices that have existed from around the world and throughout history. The main inspiration of this work is referencing spiritual backgrounds in Philippine society, and precolonial gender belief systems passed down through generational oral knowledge. To be able to transfigure this local experience to a much more global consciousness by designing entities.

Together with my collaborators Bunny Cadag, Lukresia, Alaga, who identifies themselves as queer, non-conforming- beings, I would like to create a ritual of shedding normative ideals of gender, shedding of our colonial history, a process of healing from generational trauma, a dance and ritual of decolonizing to be able to find our own ancestral historical body.
I wanted to create this new world, this new cosmology in which together with my collaborators have design four different goddesses coming from different portals. Portals that leads to different environments and dimensions where these goddesses are living and coming from. A place where life is created and comes out. These entities are powerful enough to give life, balance life, and end life

In this work I would like to emphasise the idea that the queers in the contemporary times are the modern day shamans. The same status the Babaylans have taken in pre-colonial Philippines. But also in relation to all indigenous communities. That non-binarity is a norm, that we all can become who we want to be. This work hopes to find its way to our ancestral body, our rooted identity, that we all came from nature, that we are queer ecology: that the earth is our source of knowledge

The euphoria that makes us fall in love,
The grief that produces lamentation,
The chaos that disorganises that creates balance,
The pain that creates an eternal void that will eventually be filled again.

The cycle.

Only in front of the void you’ll see your trueself,
Is you

The immigrant body is a vulnerable body, but also a body that contains so much strength through hardships, and trauma.

Vulnerability in a sense that in some ways / in many ways.
They need to strip off must / adapt they cultural and historical values to be able to situate theyself in the place where it is localised.

Adaptation on learning a new language, force and manages new liberal ideologies that some can be seen too much or far beyond to they original valise.

This can be is coming from facing relationship, dating, economy, social standpoints, sexual possibilities.

The immigrant body is in a constant state of displacement. Displacement of the body that is going home is even a luxury to be attained.

Our needs for constantly adapting to the place of a better life. But all of theses places once (or in other way / still) a colonial super power and the ones

That exploits where the immigrant body comes from.
(the cycle of violence in migration, doesn’t leave) 

It’s a cycle in which only the coloniser benefits from.
Giving the most non-conventional and ideal conditions of Labour.

It’s recolonising itself to part oneself to enter and go through all systemic and institutional violence.

The immigrant body is a vulnerable body that continues to be displaced and enter the cycle of recolonising itself.

He’s very cute and horny

To others.

But not with me

My pussy is constantly being colonised

There is a ghost inside me. A shadow.

A shadow is dark speaks sometimes.

She doesn’t come out at all the time.

Only when Im alone. When I feel uncertain with something or someone

Like love, uncertain unrequited love.
Why am I always the other in this city of non ideal self. 

What’s with the heart, what’s the right time and right placement?

To when do I allow myself to spent time with.
Where does one places oneself. 

I am not interested in constant fucking with strangers.
Emotional needs and emotional desire.

And just with what even.
Its really a dead end on just take it chill and see what happens?

Its always uncertain.

Today with a heavy heart

Past experiences of uncertainty, coming back.

Rushing waterfalls of vast universe.

Souls collapsing, souls intertwining.

Not losing this groundedness

Not lossing me to you.

To me, to you, to whoever.

Self is more/should be more powerful

And perlas ginaipon sang Nanay para ang mga tawo indi na maghibi.

Kay ang perlas unod nila kasubuan lang.

Ang tubig sa mga mata amo na ang ila bata.

Manifesto of the Body
by Joshua Serafin

The body that is seen should always be perceived as its ancestral/historical body.

All associations build within it is validated and can not be taken out of
its context.

The body can be treated in a way that it doesn’t represent anything.

There is always one body, but an infinite number of alter self inhabits
within it. That this selves can inhabit more personae.

Only in front of the Void is when you see your true self.

Nothingness is You

The body is a shared material in a span of time it exist.

It is borrowed and experiences built in it are also materials that will
eventually doesn’t matter.

One should keep certain amount of morality.

One should confront its upbringing and push extreme boundaries of
morality to achieve full abundant knowledge towards experiences

State of being is not a performative act. It is what it is
To let the body be consumed by the spectators

Antropofagic Identity is the ideal identity
Spectators should be serve to a point of exhaustion.

Pro in creating sublime images and experiences