General rehearsal for the soloist concert of 2016 with the Symphony Orchestra of the Royal Conservatory of Ghent. (2016) photo by Frederik Sadones 

José Leandro Vindel Andino, Masterproef

master uitvoerende muziek - klassieke muziek

This varied programme of contemporary music is the culmination of my six years of study with Wim Konink and Gert D’haese. It includes the premiere of a piece by myself for solo percussionist playing claves, 6 congas, garifuna drums and seashell, accompanied by a string ensemble and a second percussionist. The idea of this concert is to bring and evoke the sounds of the different continents, while demonstrating the variety and versatility of percussion and its complex techniques.

Javier Álvarez, Temazcal (1984)
Avner Dorman, Frozen in Time percussion concerto 1. Indoafrica, 2. Euroasia. (2007)
José Vindel, Origen (2017)
John Cage, In a Landscape (1948)


Wim Konink, Gert D’haese, Daan Jansses, Frank Nuyts, Jelle Proost, Celia Cruz, Manuel Lorenzo, Vanessa Genis, Jhomayra Cevallos, Lilian Garcia, Kasumi Higurashi, Marcos Della Rocha, Emile van Helleputte, Bernard Spruytte, Colinda Cardon, Diana Andino, Dorien Bex, Rosibel Vindel, Ramon Vindel.

Mentoren / Mentors
Konink Wim
D'haese Gert