Jong-Hyeok Kim, Where am I? / Waar ben ik?

master beeldende kunsten - grafisch ontwerp

My master’s project is ‘excessively’ personal, as it is entirely based on my experiences in South Korea and the Western countries that I have been to: the United States and Belgium. In that sense, the project is all about the reflection of my personal thoughts with symbolism based on abstract expression and it mainly entails the depiction of my chaotic feelings. These derived initially from my dissatisfaction with South Korean society, as I always had this eagerness to find something better, a missing part of my life in the West. Unfortunately, the project also represents my other discontentment and insecure legal status in Western society as an outsider who can’t truly be a part of it.


Mentoren / Mentors
De Baudringhien Filip
De Smet Peter