Jonas Beerts, Comment Aller Au Ciel?

master beeldende kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Bram Vandamme
Feiko Beckers

Welcome , Afio mai , Willkommen , Wilkóm , 歡迎光臨 , Tonga soa , Afio mai , Bienvenido , Bienvenue , Witaj , Добро пожаловать , Ngiyakwemukela ,
Comment aller Au ciel?

Storylines and architecture blend

Archetypes and symbols accumulate
All are looking for shelter within the space of the video
Searching for ways to deal with their own existence
in a world that has caught up with them
How to be someone when your thoughts are subject to gravity?
How to be somewhere when in search of words?



‘Comment Aller au Ciel?’ is a video/sound installation (01:37:00)

this is the mother of stories

imagination is key

a dance in self-defense