Jente D'hooge, Pageturner

master beeldende kunsten
grafisch ontwerp
Mentoren / Mentors:
Julie Peeters
Thomas Desmet
Paul Demets

This project researches what impact the three-dimensional character of the book can have on it’s content. It looks into how certain popular images of artworks are reproduced in book form. How are they positioned in the page? How does the format of the book decide the size of the image? Which printing method is used? Which paper? By applying different folding methods to the chosen artworks I could visually see the interaction between the physical character of the book and it’s content and it further allowed me to research the variations between the reproductions.

With the main publication and installation comes a guide book. It consists of:

1 — Technical drawings showcasing the folding techniques.

2 — Diagrams of comparisons made between 2 images of each chosen artwork, showing the differences in color, quality, paper etc.

3 — An index of the reproductions of the chosen artworks in different publications, in which you can find information on the author, the designer, the press-work, the publisher etc.

4 — Reproductions of layouts in which the images have been shown, to highlight the relation between the image and the page, its margins, white space, dimensions, cropping etc.