Behind-the-scenes of YouTube

Jens Martens, Building a YouTube Channel

postgraduaat digital storytelling


My love for story rich games, personal stories and randomness shared online.

For years, YouTube for me has been a place to engage with like-minded people with shared thoughts, interests, joys and problems.  For me it’s also a place to meet new people and to be more open, since I’m a bit more introverted offline. For my graduation project, I wanted to take my personal vlogs to a higher level and reboot my personal YouTube channel.

(personal vlog)


I want to thank Pieter Blomme for starting this amazing postgraduate. I have learned a lot and enjoyed going to class.
I want to thank my personal mentors: Quinten Hebbelynck, Manon Van Nieuwenhoven, Anneleen Van Malderen, Tessa Martens en Sven Pieters. They gave me amazing feedback, tips and ideas to make better content.

Mentoren / Mentors
Blomme Pieter
Huyghe Domien
Vergucht Harold
Deblauwe Dirk
Vermeiren Ruth