BINGO / MAP69, KASK 2017
Verre / MAP69, KASK 2017
SCHRAAAP / Kopklanken, KASK 2017
Verre / Zwarte Zaal, KASK 2017
Traces of Song / MAP69, KASK 2017

Inge van den Kroonenberg, Traces of Song

master beeldende kunsten - vrije kunsten



down the hollow road

I found cricket

crckt tree hop hop crckt dee do


down the hollow road

I hop hop hop

pebble pebble stone stone sh sh sh shoe


down the hollow road

I see rocket

ho ho holy pig a bang tada


down the hollow road

a deaf mule siging

Il ne dira plus co-co-di co-co-da



In ‘Traces of Song’ I present work regarding my research on the performance of sound, speech and song through more or less amplified media.

I am interested in sound as acoustic phenomenon and as carrier of meaning. I work with recorded sound, text, and voice. I like noise too. How it is constructed and how I can deconstruct it through listening.

I reflect on sound like sound reflects on me. I absorb sound, like a wall does. Sound does not judge me. To sound I’m as much a wall as I am a person. I judge sound. Sound is meaningless until it is processed by my neurological network.

I sing songs. I remember songs. I remember words, rhythms and melodies. I remember patterns. I love patterns. Nature produces patterns beyond my limited comprehension. I only partially understand nature’s rhythms, words and melodies.


Jürgen De Blonde, for all noise and love but maybe that’s one and the same thing. Oda and Polly, for singing along with me. Pauwel en Niels from KRAAK, for the many car rides and coffee chats. Peter Baeckelandt at the uitleendienst, for gear, patience and funky discussions. Hendrik Leper at the media arts department for opportunities, a tear and a smile. Annelies Vlaeminck, for guiding me through the KASK maze. Elly Roeland from STUVO HoGent, for advise and optimistic calculations. Liene Aerts, for showing my work at the MAP69 exhibition. De Koer and PostX, for artist in  residencies and good times. Jan van Eijk & Znn, for sending me a 9 meter Lambada. The ‘Harry Nielsons’ for everlasting jam sessions. Claire Stragier for accepting my belated graduation submission.

Mentoren / Mentors
Mulder Arjen
Rigole Jasper