Ilyes Hammoumi, Hoe stoer ben jij?

bachelor digital design and development

The clue throughout this project is to raise awareness among young people about how important it is to talk about feelings. The message hidden in the project is “talking about feelings is daring and tough”. The starting point of this project is the problem that young people, more specifically boys, do not talk about their feelings because of the prevailing stigmatization that exists in the society in which they grow up.

As a potential solution to this problem, an interactive mobile storytelling experience was developed to tell the story of a boy named Zeno. He is a boy with a strong character who can appear very aggressive but deep down he is looking for a little luck. From the age of 15 he has been living in a youth institute. His bossy and bullying behaviour comes out on the streets, but once alone in his room, loneliness soon returns. This changes when he meets Dusa on an ordinary school day. Through Dusa, Zeno discovers that the only solution to finding his happiness is to talk about his problems, but will he?