Ilke Vanderslycke, Flexible Student Home

bachelor interieurvormgeving
Mentoren / Mentors:
Wouter Decorte
Kris Kimpe

The design for this temporary student home is based on my own experience during my internship in Los Angeles. It was very hard to find a place to stay as a foreign student who is not studying at a local university. As a designer I felt responsible to find a solution for this problem and design a temporary student home which can be moved from location to location. 

Flexibility is the base for this design. The structure can be quickly disassembled and rebuilt elsewhere. The flexibility of the wooden frame ensures that the structure can be quickly expanded and minimized. I find it really important that every student feels at home during their stay. That is why the interior of the units is constructed out of multiple modules which can be easily adapted to any students wishes. 

Each residential unit is standard equipped with a sleeping place, workplace and bathroom. A kitchen can be added on request. This secures the privacy of the students when needed. The communal living and working space reinforces the social aspect of the complex. 

Don’t hesitate to visit my portfolio for more info and projects.