Hilde Onis, The neighbor's fence is not made of biscuits either

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Feiko Beckers
Honoré d'O
Martine Clierieck

Hilde Onis’s (1994) work is expressed in amalgams of sculpture, installation, video work and textual interventions.
The work plays with the characters of trivial objects, questioning our daily reality subsequently materialized in physical forms and solid metaphors. By making objects that seem to be wanting to talk to you, referring to language systems and transforming object and material hierarchies, the work tries to expose underlying structures of human assumptions and constructed semiotic agreements. Objects that have only been brought into the world to refer to other objects, or for their supporting or ambiguous function might be highlighted this time – a tiny key tag to remember where something belongs, spare coins tossed in a pot close to the front door. Much of the work centers on the idea of contingency, the idea that things only act when they are needed, holding some kind of dormant potential energy until requested.
The dense installation compulses each work to be each others neighbor and creates room for an everlasting dialogue, balancing on meanings, like thoughts that have no end or beginning.