Reading by Friedemann Heckel & Lukas Müller

Henry Andersen, B-Sides & Rarities

master beeldende kunsten - vrije kunsten

Alternate Titles:

Stanzas or You and I have Eaten A Great Deal of Salt Together

Stanzas or An Anthology of Early American Vinyl Noise

Stanzas or Bury Me In Corduroy

Stanzas or Trying To Quit Smoking

Stanzas or Slow Moves in Thin Air

Stanzas or This Gun Kills Fascists

Stanzas or Two People Dressed as One Horse

Stanzas or My Kind of Renaissance Man!

Stanzas or Self Portrait With Black Eye

Stanzas or Transforming Milk Into Milk

Stanzas or It Was Good Green Corn Before The Harvest


Eleanor Weber, Simon Ascenscio, Bryana Fritz, Maud Gourdon, Jannis Marwitz, Christiane Blattmann, Axelle Stiefle, Marion Menan, Ailsa Cavers, Liza Balias, Sebastién Capouet

Mentoren / Mentors
Garabedian Mekhitar
Kwakkenbos Lars
Waelput Wim