Hanne Grobet, [Winerror2](THE HOLY BIBLE.exe)

master beeldende kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Mathieu Asselin Max Pinckers


The Holy Bible rewritten by Artificial Intelligence


Grammar is politics, and effective politics require speaking in the language of domination. The mind of the individual, its internal life and freedom to think are limited by this. In this sense, thinking is confined by language.Language in other words is a mirror of society and of history.

Like everything else related to history, memory, is controlled by the sovereign. The tools to establish this control are often stories, retold stories, versions that establish the hierarchical dualisms installed by the patriarchy. We have all been colonized by these origin myths, with their longing for fulfillment in the apocalypse.

We can no longer segregate the virtual from the non-virtual world, offline realities of patriarchal control are replicated online. Technology is used to deepen the confinement of women and other minorities within their situation rather than to liberate them from it.

The stories that establish this power structure can be subverted by a chaotic narrator, a collaborative narrator from the patriarchal side. One that creates tabula rasa. The machine writer. Machine stories have the task of re-coding communication and dogma to subvert command and control.  Here artificial intelligence functions as an agent whose major goal  is disorientation. To distract. To derail. To render incongruous. Language is being used by artificial intelligence to erode these myths, and to imagine  another society.

Following the tradition of storytelling and folktales and thus retelling and displacing these origin stories, machine authors subvert the central myths of the origin of Western culture.