Hanne Bracaval, In the depth of my being

master beeldende kunsten - fotografie

Since the age of zeven, I have been passionated by photography . It made me feel like expressing my inner feelings through images more precisely than words could ever do. However, being thruthfull in the full sence of the word is a goal one can never achive. At that time, my portraits remained too sophisticated in order to capture my inner feelings.

I portray myself, via my iPhone. The colors are real. They reflect the reality of my being. “In the depth of my being.”

In my photography, I want to capture my feelings, including pain, sadness, fear, frustrations, etc. I also write poetry, in order express my painfull thoughts. According to me, photography and poetry are thruthfull expressions of my personal experiences of living with psychiatric disorders.
Photography keeps me going on. I want to live and to live thruthfully, no matter how difficult life is to me. For me, this project is a lifetime project and not only a temporary project. It is – in a certain sense- a life saving project.

By sharing this, I keep the courage – even though I sometimes lose hope. I photograph and write for myself and not so much to refute the stigmatization. Exposure and honesty are two important issues in my photography. My pictures are sometimes dark but – how contradictorial it may seem – they are also reflecting some positive vibes. I portray my life as it is, here and now.