shot by Tiny Geeroms

Hannah Vanspauwen, family holidays, sep. 1985

master beeldende kunsten - mode

DANNY is sitting at table eating a sandwich. WENDY sitting cam.R reading book.



WENDY: Yeah.

DANNY: Do you really want to go and live in that hotel for the winter?

WENDY: Sure, Danny, it will be lots of fun.

DANNY: Yeah, I guess so. Anyway, there’s hardly anybody to play with around here.

WENDY: Yeah, I know. It always takes a little time to make new friends.


CUT TO: M.S. DANNY eating sandwich.


DANNY: Yeah, I guess so.


(The Shining, Script, A Stanley Kubrick Film)


Liselotte Verplancke

Bruno Vanspauwen

Geraldine Vanspauwen

Manon De Sutter

Femke Fredrix

Maxime van Middendorp

Kim Van Tricht

Tiny Geeroms

Jasmien Van Loo

Nina Daelemans

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