Giada Cicchetti, le tarantole dormono sotto le pietre

master beeldende kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Hilde D'Haeyere
An Van Dienderen
Sofie Vandamme


I came to this land, searching and observing whether there were still some spiders around, some trail left by their poison. But, my dear tarantolate, they don’t exist anymore. The ones who brought me here, they’re gone. What remains, is the distorted shadow of their stories, abandoned to the jaws of a greedy time, ready to gorge on anything, without chewing. I don’t want to dance myself. I don’t want to be part of this water that submerges everything in the word “tradition”. Wandering around I found some voices, and it seemed to me that about tarantolate they speak no more. But their dance, and the poison, these stayed.


​​My film is inspired by a ritual that originated in the Middle Ages in South Italy: Tarantismo. It was a traditional magical-religious practice with the purpose of healing people, especially women, affected by convulsive movements attributed to the bite of the spider tarantula. I started by filming my mother, weaving an intergenerational dialogue about motherhood, daughterhood and womanhood. In parallel, I went to South Italy to search for the traces of this ancient ritual and its evolution in present times.


digital scan of 16mm film, b&w, surround sound, 27’

filmed, developed and edited by giada cicchetti


29.06 18h-19h
01.07 13h30-14h30
02.07 16h30-17h30