Flor Maesen
Flor Maesen
Flor Maesen
EARTH is an original comic series made by flor Maesen and published by Editions Menard.
The first edition named 'The Original Sin' originated from Maesen's sketchbook in which images from different origins were grouped together into eclectic collages.
The links and stories evoked by the images form the basis for possible works of art. What connects the different ensembles is the deeply human questioning nature towards the causes of conflict, the thin line between humanity and animality and the possibility of an all-encompassing sin: identity.
Flor Maesen

spread from EARTH
Inside Conversations / an exploration of the inside of the God of Ego
Inside Conversations/A painting depicting the crashed body of the Deity and a soundscape where two voices talk about breaking out
Flor Maesen

One of the small landscapes/caves which depict a raw earth with unconscious bodies unable to fulfil their roles as interpreters of the world
Flor Maesen

Flor maesen, The Original Sin

master beeldende kunsten - fotografie


In een grote verscheidenheid aan vormen ben ik op zoek gegaan naar wat de mens tot mens maakt. In die periode is er onder meer een nieuwe godheid geboren, in de vorm van een sculptuur van een zichzelf pijpende jongen. Een beminnelijke alleenheerser over een rijk waarin de mens in zijn fragielste vorm rondwaart en de grenzen tussen dier en mens lijken te verdwijnen.


In a wide variety of forms I have been looking for what makes a human being a human being. During that period a new deity was born, in the form of a sculpture of a self-sucking boy. An amiable autocrat of a realm in which man in his most fragile capacity wanders around. Boundaries between animal and man seem to dissolve.


Egon Van Herreweghe (externe mentor)



Mentoren / Mentors
Aerts Liene
Vermoere Willem
Theys Hans