Paraphrase, Filipa Botelho

Filipa Botelho, Paraphrase: Experimental Organism on the Body of the Musician and its Qualities

master na master hedendaagse muziek

‘Paraphrase’ works with feedback and movement. Each place changes its entity and opens up space for a new organism combining movement and sound. The two disciplines share the same importance and continuously give feedback about each other, creating a different necessity to move as a musician.

Paraphrase, Study #1 + Paraphrase, Study #2


Paraphrase, Study #1

1 microphone, 1 speaker, 1 body, 1 space

Playing with the characteristics of a specific room.


Paraphrase, Study #2

2 microphone, 2 speaker, 2 bodies, 2 spaces

An accordion inside a space is a space inside a space.


Paraphrase, Study #2: collaborating with the accordion player Ward Ginneberge

Technical support: Daniel Nunes