Still from Limelight
Still from Limelight
Still from Limelight
Still from Limelight

Femke Fredrix, Limelight

master beeldende kunsten - autonome vormgeving

‘Close your eyes and fly!’, a cry of euphoria declares. A journey through the unknown commences. Beneath the tangible presence of an ever-present gaze, danger is just around the corner. As barking hounds are let loose and wordspinners run rampant the masquerade seeks safety in the concealment from whence they came. ‘Logos is lost!’, a cry of despair resounds. Can the masks be of use to silence the barking of these hounds?



James de Graef

Michiel Renson

Ortwin de Graef

Gillis Van Der Wee

Benjamin Hermans

Dauwke Fredrix

Hannah Vanspauwen

Manon De Sutter

Hou Chien Cheng

Isabel Schroeder

Hannah Bailliu

Louisiana Mees

Mentoren / Mentors
Weber-Krebs David
De Preester Helena