Fateme Towhidlou, There Are Many Ways of Remembering: Visual Correspondence

master beeldende kunsten
vrije kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Alexandra Reynolds
Lars Kwakkenbos


“ Dear Forough,

What do we remember but the tables around which we drank together?

This letter is for all the moments we had around that green table in your home… “


“There are many ways of remembering : Visual Correspondence” is an experimental format of communication between me and Forough Jalilian, with who we have studied and worked and built a close friendship together for 8 years back in Tehran. These exchanges are reactions to the reality of being apart and experiencing the notion of despite being geographically distant, we still have the desire to share ideas and reflections about anything and everything that stimulates our life.  They have been recorded in varied places and reveal the moments of getting affected – I can say the practice of translating the impulses.

In my practice I am also trying to question the limitations of sharing personal materials – to what extent I would let you into my world and what parts I would eliminate and do not give access to you and create a sense of freedom for your imagination – and the intimacy it would generate by blurring the boundaries between the intimate and the public.