Ezra Belgrado, Ego Echo

master audiovisuele kunsten
Mentoren / Mentors:
Luc Degryse
Evelyn Verschoore
Martine Clierieck


‘Ego Echo’ is an animated short film directed by Ezra Belgrado
Sound design and mixage by
Arzu Saglam
Foley by
Rebecca Glover
Music / drums by
Anke Verslype
Music mixage by
Arzu Saglam
Animated and live-action filmed by Ezra Belgrado

With the support of deAuteurs.

Echoing through the room, like a ripple in the water, an ego lingers in the sensitive body. Hiding. Holding on. As a person tosses and turns between the need to belong and seizing their chance to move on, a moment of awakening unfolds in the silence.

Een echo weergalmt door de ruimte, zoals een rimpel in het water, achtervolgt door het ego dwalend door een gevoelig lichaam. Vasthoudend. Verborgen. Een persoon woelt tussen de nood om ergens bij te horen en het grijpen van de kans om het achter zich te laten. De stilte onthult een moment van bewustwording.

“You cannot find yourself by going into the past.
You find yourself by coming into the present.”
“Nothing’ can only become a portal into
the Unmanifested for you if you don’t try
to grasp or understand it.
Space has no ‘existence’.
‘To exist’ literally means ’to stand out’.
You cannot understand space
because it doesn’t stand out.
Although in itself it has no existence,
it enables everything else to exist.
Silence has no existence either,
nor does the Unmanifested.
So what happens if you withdraw
attention from the objects in space
and become aware of space itself ?
What is the essence of this room ?
The furniture, pictures, and so on are in the room,
but they are not the room.
The floor, walls and ceiling define the boundary of the room,
but they are not the room either.
So what is the essence of the room ?
of course,
empty space.

There would be no ‘room’ without it.
Since space is ‘nothing’,
we can say that what is not there
is more important than what is there.
Become aware of the space that is all around you.
Don’t think about it.
Feel it,
as it were.

Pay attention to ‘nothing.’
As you do that,
a shift in consciousness takes place
inside of you.”
The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle
(Yellow Kite, 1999 (ed2 2020),p. 75 and p. 114 – 115)