Eva Van Poucke, Collateral Silence

postgraduaat digital storytelling
Mentoren / Mentors:
Pieter Blomme
Harold Vergucht

The personal stories on Collateral Silence are accompanied by photographic portraits and short fragments of video & audio.

the project

At the start of this cross-media experience, visitors are challenged to escape audiovisual chaos by either watching a video or playing a game.

Both will lead them to the quiet homepage of Collateral Silence where they can catch their breath and browse through a collection of personal stories. These stories go beyond the 0dB definition: it’s all about finding quiet in your favourite noise.

The experience starts with a trigger overload but soon moves to a silent haven, a minimalistic website.

The use of black and white is a recurring theme to keep the website tranquil.



a stark contrast

A quiet website in stark contrast to the blatant setting of the game & video

Cheers to Lore De Smet, Robbe Schepens, Emma Martens, Lien, Piet, Inessa, Remco, Mathilde & Emile for their time and support.