Emma Raymaekers, The blank page as a white space

master beeldende kunsten
grafisch ontwerp
Mentoren / Mentors:
Ronny Duquenne
Sofie Vandamme
Dirk Deblauwe

By being you have become the negative space.

By being you have become my negative space.

By being I am your and you are my negative space.

By being you are nonbeing.

By being you have become a nonbeing directly.

By being I am becoming your absence.

By being I am becoming my own absence.

By being I am sense and absence in one.

The blank page as a white space is an ongoing research into form and non-form, being and nonbeing. A collection of experiments. An assembly of reflections. A research on white space and its relation to print. On white space as a sense, other than the in-between.

“I write: I inhabit my sheet of paper, I invest it, I travel across it. I incite blanks, spaces (jumps in the meaning: discontinuities, transitions, changes of key).”

  • from Species of Spaces by Georges Perec