Eloy Vantieghem, Mindroom

bachelor digital design and development

This project is made for the non-profit organization “CAW”. CAW helps people with all their questions and problems related to welfare. This project is specifically made for children that are grieving.

The app has been developed to further support the child after his conversations with the care provider. In this way, the child can also work on its grieving process during the week. The app acts as a virtual room that the child can enter. Inside the room there are 4 main features. The first feature is ‘saving memories’, as keeping track of memories is necessary to facilitate the grieving process. The second feature aims to improve the communication between parent and child. Children can shut down during the grieving process, making communication between the parent and the child more difficult. The app helps the child to communicate with the parent. The third features tracks emotions and is useful for a counselor. The fourth feature provides books that teaches children that it is okay to be angry, sad or scared.