Lunch #2, BUDA art center, photo by Stefanos Papadas
Lunch #2, BUDA art center, photo by Antigone Michalakopoulou
Lunch #1, MAP #55, photo by Eleni Andreadou
Lunch #1, MAP #55, photo by Maxime Jean Baptiste

Elli Vassalou, SYNTROFI [σύντροφοι] Greek compound word coming from feed [trofi] + together [syn] and means companions,comrades,lovers

master beeldende kunsten - autonome vormgeving

Syntrofi is a series of performative Lunches in which stories of exclusion within art schools are served, processed and digested.

The public is welcome to join the performance around the table to share food for thoughts and food for stomachs that no doubt are nourishing, but not necessarily easy to swallow.

Taking on a perspective of the vulnerable observer who is being both a student in and a researcher of the educational institution, Syntrofi examines the (missed) potential of school environments to facilitate practices of commoning and inclusion.

The project draws its material from collective processes, classrooms and kitchens, students, teachers, cleaners and administrators, as well as from those who, for one reason or another, ended up outside KASK’s walls.


Initiative, Concept, Realization: Elli Vassalou [Master student AUV]

Performers: Bilal Kamilla Arnout [pending student AUV], Hazal Arda [Bachelor student AUV], Ritam Hazarika [Bachelor student AUV], Adva Zakai [teacher AUV]

Data for Kask’s excluded: Pascal Desimpelaere, Rob Meuleman [KASK Administration]
graphic visualizations: Sylvia Czachorowska, Flore Levrouw, Valerie Paredis [students Graphic Design+New Media]
textile printing: Liselotte Van Daele [teacher Free Graphics], Szonja Dàniel [student Textile Design]

many thanks to: School of Love, Kitchen Committee Klan, Maxime Jean Baptiste, Anne Marie Sampaio, Marijs Kempynck, Julien De Smet, Nikola Bencova, Bram Crevits, Heike Langsdorf, Kristof Van Gestel, Hans Bryssinck, Anna Luyten, Jolien Naeyaert, Nicky Deleersnyder, Liene Aerts, Dries De Wit, Maarlen and Dora.

Supported by: SOL, KASK, HOGENT, BUDA art center, 123 Logements

Mentoren / Mentors
Zakai Adva
Van Dienderen An