Elise Tombeur, Don't lose control

postgraduaat digital storytelling
Mentoren / Mentors:
Pieter Blomme

Don’t Lose Control is a series of videos following my journey to a stressfree life. Ever since I was young I have been dealing with stress, anxiety, a fear of failure and Trichotillomania. In view of the fact that I will be entering the workplace in the near future, I decided to use this opportunity to undertake action and try to resolve these issues.

What happens if I let go of control?

Trichotillomania, or hair-pulling disorder is a mental disorder where you can’t resist the urge to pull out your own hair. This could be genetic or triggered by stress, anxiety and/or depression. It is estimated that 1% – 4% of the world population deal with the effects of this disorder everyday.

Realising that I could possibly have this through Social Media inspired me to bring out my own story and to hold myself accountable to get better.