Elisa Wij, Graphic Design Organisms – a cross-disciplinary dialogue

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grafisch ontwerp
Mentoren / Mentors:
Ronny Duquenne
Dirk Deblauwe
Godart Bakkers

The world around us has existed for over 3.8 billion years. She has evolved and solved every design problem on her path ever since, crafting organisms, ecosystems and resource loops with amazing efficiency and care for life.

As graphic designers, conceptualising these natural systems is a great way to solve our own design problems, as nature has already proven time and time again that they WORK. Every problem we encounter has already been solved, we just need to learn where to look for the answers. We need a shift in perspective, for our own sakes ànd that of our planet.

Graphic Design Organisms – a cross-disciplinary dialogue is a research book, a case study and an informal guide into the use of biomimicry as a tool for innovative & sustainable graphic design. A playful & hopeful gaze into the future of the field as I see it.