Eden De Wit, artivism: the bridges we've made

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Welcome to ‘The bridges we’ve made’, my podcast in which I take you along in my research for my next album on how I can use my voice as a songwriter to bring across an activist message.

Each episode I will be talking to an artist who inspires me about how they explore the link between art and activism in their work.

Episode 1 w/ Roos Meijer

I’m very happy to welcome Roos Meijer as the first guest of this podcast. She’s a Dutch songwriter and activist, and a very close friend of mine. I find it inspiring and fascinating how she uses storytelling to raise awareness on societal issues. with a profoundness of detail, she takes you by the hand and brings you to places you’ve never been.

In this episode, Roos talks about her first EP Maktub, which is inspired by people she met while working in refugee camps in Greece. All proceeds of this EP are donated to Sounds of Change, a Dutch organisation who provides music lessons in refugee camps all over the world.

Coming soon

Along with the podcast, I’ll create an instagram page to highlight the creators even more visually. When a new episode launches, the guest of that episode will take over the instagram page to give you a glimpse in their creative process and activist artists who inspire them. The instagram page will not solely be a visual representation of the podcast, it will be a community to bring the listener even closer to the artist.

Stay tuned for the official launch of the podcast, which is coming very soon.